PRESS RELEASE: Symbaroum for 5E on Kickstarter April 13

Symbaroum for 5E Coming to Kickstarter April 13

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The acclaimed world of Symbaroum has enticed and fascinated fans of tabletop roleplaying games since the launch in 2016.  Now this dark and mysterious world welcomes new adventurers, with an adaptation for 5E of the Symbaroum Player’s Guide, Game Master’s Guide and Bestiary.

The Kickstarter campaign will start April 13 at 3pm CET/9am US Eastern, and will offer a wide range of pledge levels, spanning from digital-only to an exclusive three-piece Collector’s Edition.

Of course, there will be numerous stretch goals to unlock, to grant extra value to the pledges of everyone supporting the project. Follow the link below to to register for news and notifications, and you will not miss the grand opening!

At the heart of Symbaroum lies the dark forest of Davokar that calls out to be explored, for the trees are covering the remnants of an empire which fell into ruin long ago. But the road into its depths lays far from open and the shadows beneath the foliage are fraught with danger.

Join the adventure in this brand-new 5E adaptation of the dark fantasy game Symbaroum. Explore the vast forests in the hunt for treasures, lost wisdoms, and fame. Seek out the barbarian clans to trade or plunder. Establish your base of power among princes, guilds, or rebellious refugees in the capital. And try and survive encounters with trolls, dark-minded beasts, and undead warlords.

But always remember the warnings spoken by the wardens of the forest. Tread carefully and do not disturb the ruins of old, for ancient evil stirs in its sleep.

The horrors of Davokar are about to awaken…

Ruins of Symbaroum 5E Teaser Trailer – Soon on Kickstarter!
What to Expect

Optional Rules: To emphasize the dark fantasy nature of the setting, new rules for traveling and rests, social challenges, magic, and Corruption are introduced. Alignments are (as a default) removed from play.

New Origins: Aside from familiar folks such as humans, elves, and dwarves, the Symbaroum game world lets you create PCs and NPCs who are changelings, ogres, goblins, trolls and even a particular form of undead.

New Classes: The Ruins of Symbaroum Player’s Guide presents the classes Captain, Hunter, Mystic, Scoundrel and Warrior – each with between four and seven approaches/sub-classes, and all of them with customized features up to lvl20.

Try It Now!
Since about six months back, there is a 109-page condensed Symbaroum 5E PDF available for free download from DriveThruRPG. It was designed as a proof of concept – meant to provoke a reaction from potential players, from within the established Symbaroum community as well as from the broader family of tabletop roleplaying gamers. And the response has been amazing!

With this free PDF, you can try out Ruins of Symbaroum:

  • Setting introduction, including a map of the game world
  • Customized rules for Shadow, Corruption and Rest
  • Two new origins (Goblin and Human) with traits and backgrounds
  • Three new classes (Mystic, Scoundrel, Warrior) with four new approaches
  • The tutorial adventure The Promised Land, introducing the setting & new rules
  • Four pre-made lvl 1 player characters
  • The bonus scenario Blight Night and updated lvl 2 PCs
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