A Dark Union of Thoughts and Ideas

Thinkers, questioners, and science buffs, behold!

The Little Book of BIIIIIIG Questions is here.

It contains more than two-hundred unique conversation starters and thought igniters. It’s the book for every coffee table. It’s meant to be read in the company of others…or all alone beneath a starlit sky.

We all want to know the origin of the universe, the reasons why life exists, and the driving forces behind humanity.

Use this book to light the fire…

The Little Book Front Cover

The Little Book of BIG Questions contains 202 questions. It’s a compilation of Coffee Table Philosophy tomes 101 Questions for the End of the World and 101 Deeper, Darker Questions for Humanity.

For sample questions go here and here.

J Edward Neill

101 Questions for Single People

There’s a fun new book in town…

It’s book 8 in the Coffee Table Philosophy series.


101 Questions for Single People

It’s 101 pages chock full of funny yet serious questions about sex and relationships, online dating, and the pursuit of love (and lust) in the modern age.


It’s co-authored by Jaylene Jacobus and J Edward Neill.

Whether you’ve been single your whole life or married for thousands of years, this book will entertain you.

We promise…

101QSP Full Frontal

The sexy softcover



101QSP Full Front Cover

The easy-to-download Kindle version

Oh, and here’s a small sample of the kinds of questions you’ll find.

Get your copy and start 101 new conversations today!

J & J