PRESS RELEASE – 2019 Origins Show Co-Sponsor Announcement

White Wizard Games 2019 Origins Show Co-Sponsor
We’re thrilled to announce White Wizard Games will be joining us at Origins 2019 as a show co-sponsor!
White Wizard Games has been a part of Origins for many years. We can’t wait to partner with them again to bring you another awesome show experience!

“I’m super excited to be sponsoring Origins at the highest level,” said Robert Dougherty, CEO of White Wizard Games. “It feels great to be giving back to the show that has given us so much over the years.”

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Amazing Giveaways from our Show Co-Sponsor
Want to play an epic card game? As co-sponsor of Origins, White Wizard Games will be giving out a free copy of Epic Card Game to every attendee that stops by their booth. Get your copy and play sealed, draft, or constructed deck game play for up to 4 players. (While supplies last)
That’s not all! White Wizard Games will also be giving away some serious cash prizes! Players will compete to win their share of $20,000 at Star Realms Origins $10K Championship and the Epic Card Game Origins $10K Championship.
For all you Hero Realms fans, there will be a Legend Series where the winner will become a card in the game!

Hero Realms won Fan Favorite Card Game at the 2018 Origins Awards

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Register your badge early—save money and time for the show! When you register your badge early, you pay the discounted Early Bird price and get to skip the on-site registration line when you pick your badge up at the show!

Why wait? Register today and get ready for an epic Origins experience, June12-16, 2019!

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Event Submission is Open
Interested in running some of your favorite games at Origins? Submit your events and become a Game Master! Game Masters are an integral part of providing the Origins attendee with a positive experience. Submit your event now through March 1, 2019.  
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Hotels Added to Hotel Block

Four hotels have been added to the Origins Hotel Block list:

  • Hampton in Columbus University Area 
  • Staybridge Suites Columbus University Area 
  • Holiday Inn Express University Area 
  • Holiday Inn Express Columbus Airport East
Origins Hotel Block List
Submit Your Film to the Origins Film Festival
Submit your film to the Origins Film Festival! For the past three years, the Origins Film Festival has showcased unique independent films related to gaming, fantasy, and sci-fi. Your film could be showcased next! Early deadline for submissions is December 31, 2018.
Origins Film Festival
Become an Origins Volunteer

We’re working on bringing legendary heroes to Origins! Help bring the epic story to life and sign up to become a volunteer! Early signup means a better chance of getting the location and hours you want. You will receive an email confirmation once your information has been processed.

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This Year’s Theme Is Mythical
Your imagination will come to life at Origins 2019! Epic adventures, daring quests, legendary tales and more await you in Columbus, OH, June 12-16, 2019!


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PRESS RELEASE – On Kickstarter Today: Hero Realms Journeys

2nd PR about this today.

New On Kickstarter: Hero Realms Journeys

We’re offering six new expansions for Hero Realms on Kickstarter, starting today! New players can catch up with the Everything Tier. Backers get tons of all-new content for both cooperative and PVP play. So check it out.

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On Kickstarter Now: Six Expansions for Hero Realms

November 13, 2018 – Framingham, MA – A Kickstarter which launched today offers tons of all-new content for Hero Realms, the popular fantasy deckbuilding adventure game.

The Hero Realms Journeys Kickstarter includes:

  • Journeys expansions. This series of 12-card expansions will bring players new champions, new actions, and two brand new types of cards: Quests and Relics. Fans can back the project for just $20 to get all four packs.  Back for $20
  • The Ancestry Pack lets fans play as a Dwarf, Elf, Ogre, Orc, smallfolk, or – as a Kickstarter-exclusive – a half-demon. Each race has a health modification, special rules, a racial skill or ability card, and two cards that modify the starting deck. Ancestry packs will work with generic starting decks, or combine with character packs. Fans who get this expansion could play as an Orc Wizard, an Elf Thief, or a Half-Demon Cleric (hey – why not?). For $30, backers can get the Ancestry Pack, Journeys, and all unlocked stretch goals.  Back for $30
  • The Lost Village transforms the Hero Realms base game into a coop adventure: Investigating the disappearance of the population of an entire village. The Lost Village follows Hero Realms: The Ruin of Thandar, and allows players to keep upgrading their characters between fights. For $45, backers can get The Lost Village, the Ancestry Pack, and Journeys.  Back for $45
  • The Everything Tier gets backers everything from both this Kickstarter and the first Hero Realms Kickstarter. It’s perfect for new players, because it catches up a collection in one click. It includes Hero Realms, the Character Packs, The Ruin of Thandar, and all six new expansions.  Back for $99

New players will find it easy to use the Journeys Kickstarter as an entry point to the game line. They can just back the project, and get the Everything Tier.

The Hero Realms Journeys Kickstarter marks the second time Hero Realms has come to the crowdfunding platform. In 2016, the base game raised more than $550,000 from almost 7,000 backers. The Ruin of Thandar, which allowed fans to play cooperatively, released soon after, turning Hero Realms into an RPG-like leveling deckbuilding game with cooperative play. Since then, Hero Realms has exploded in popularity, winning fans all over the world.

White Wizard Games is excited to bring new layers to PVP Hero Realms games, and to bring on the next chapter in cooperative play.

Hero Realms uses a system similar to that of Star Realms Deckbuilding Game, which won seven Game of the Year awards upon its release in 2014.

For more information, check out the Hero Realms Journeys Kickstarter, like our Facebook page, and follow Hero Realms on Twitter @HeroRealmsGame.

About White Wizard Games

White Wizard Games LLC, was founded in 2013 by a team of seasoned professional gamers dedicated to creating games that are affordable and fun for everyone. Their first game, Star Realms, a space combat deckbuilding game, exploded in popularity and has won 7 Game of the Year awards. Their games are known for being easy to learn while also having enough strategic depth for even the most advanced gamers. The founders include Magic Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty (developer and co-founder of the Ascension deckbuilding game) along with veteran app designer Tan Thor Jen and graphic designer Vito Gesualdi.

About Hero Realms

From the creators of the award-winning Star Realms Deckbuilding Game, Hero Realms combines the fun of deckbuilding with the interactivity of trading card game-style combat. As you play, spend gold to acquire new actions and champions for your deck. These cards generate powerful effects, provide additional gold, stun opposing champions, and damage the opponent. Reduce your opponent’s health to zero and claim victory for your realm!

PRESS RELEASE – Hero Realms Journeys – on Kickstarter NOW!

Back it now!
Hi everyone!

Moments ago, we launched Hero Realms Journeys on Kickstarter.

You can get six all-new expansions for Hero Realms, with content for both PVP and cooperative play. And new players can get into Hero Realms with one click: Just get the “Everything Tier” and you’ll catch up on everything Hero Realms!

Here’s what Journeys is all about:

  • Journeys expansions. This series of 12-card expansions will bring players new champions, new actions, and two brand new types of cards: Quests and Relics.
  • The Ancestry Pack lets fans play as a Dwarf, Elf, Ogre, Orc, Smallfolk, or – as a Kickstarter-exclusive – a Half-Demon.
  • The Lost Village transforms the Hero Realms base game into a coop adventure: Investigating the disappearance of the population of an entire village.
Back Day One, Get an Avatar 

We truly appreciate your support! Back us today and you can use this avatar to let everyone on Kickstarter know that you are one of our biggest fans! You can add this to your Kickstarter profile and post it on your social media to let people know you are as excited about Hero Realms Journeys as we are!  Please share the Kickstarter link to help us spread the word! It really does make a difference!

Thank you so much!
The White Wizard Games Team
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