Origins Game Fair Spotlight – Starship Infernum: a tabletop RPG of Interstellar Survival

It’s Origins Game Fair 2018 and Robert Turk of Wicked Clever is here sharing his latest RPG, Starship Infernum: a tabletop RPG of Interstellar Survival. Currently funding through Kickstarter, this pick-up and play RPG let’s you try to survive the horrors of space. Interested in trying it? Robert is running the game at the show. Interested in backing the game? Click here.

Robert Turk – “My games are being sold at the Orc’s Forge booth (339) and I am running games from 2 to 10p every day at the Hyatt.”


Starship Infernum: a tabletop RPG of Interstellar Survival by Wicked Clever
Ends on Wed, July 4 2018 8:00 PM EDT

“A pick-up & play tabletop RPG. Easy to play, easy to run, hard to survive! Infinitely re-playable, no dice needed, sci-fi fun!

Starship Infernum is a pick-up & play, sci-fi survival-horror, tabletop role-playing game for 3 or more people.

The idea for Starship Infernum began as a one-sheet expansion to our previous pick-up & play game, Purgatory House. But as we started working on it, we realized that it was a complete stand-alone game, and we had to give it the space to soar.

We are now proud to present our brand new, survival-horror RPG with great art, cool new mechanics, alien monsters, psychological dangers, lots of explosions, and even more unrelenting horror:

  • 108 pg. 6×9 Hardback Book! (offset printed in the USA)
  • Easy to Learn “Blackjack” Mechanics!
  • Infinitely Replayable! The Ship is different every time!
  • Pen & Ink Illustrations from Master Artists!
  • KS Exclusive Extras!
  • Actual Shipping costs charged AFTER the Kickstarter!

All Backers get immediate access to our Beta Playtest Rules in Update #1!

  • Character creation is fast and easy, or you can jump right in with one of the many included pre-generated crew mates.
  • No dice to play, just two decks of regular playing cards (with Jokers!)
  • Definite endgame! A single adventure plays in 2-4 hours.
  • Death is not the end of the action! Expired crew mates are still part of the story and will impact the outcome of the adventure.
  • There are no complicated rules to memorize! If you can play Blackjack, you can play Starship Infernum!
  • No Prep! Crises are determined at the start of play. The ship layout and the obstacles encountered are generated by a deck of cards. The Dealer simply interprets how to implement them.
  • The book is filled with examples, gameplay options, and descriptions for each room and obstacle!
  • All challenges are resolved with a hand of Blackjack. A player only takes damage if they bust!
  • Failure creates “Rising Tension” which makes the next test harder!
  • Players can exhaust relevant traits to adjust their total score or use found equipment for a one-time bonus!
  • Jokers summon Swarms – mass challenges against the entire crew!
  • Duty Abilities provide each character with a unique bonus (or rules twist) in certain situations!
  • Crisis Swarms, Spacesuits, EVA, and new Psychological Challenges!


To see more of Wicked Clever‘s work on DriveThruRPG, click here.

To support this Kickstarter, click here.


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