Press Release: Rex Draconis new release announcement – FREE D&D 5E Book: NPCs, Monsters and Magic Items

NPCs, Monsters, and Magic Items of Rex Draconis
Book release announcement
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Introducing the first official Rex Draconis RPG book… And it’s FREE!

Click Here to download yours today!NPCs, Monsters, and Magic Items of Rex Draconis is a free supplement to help introduce players and GMs alike to the Rex Draconis setting for D&D 5th Edition.

There is beautiful custom art featured throughout, and linked bookmarks to help you easily navigate between the entries within a moment at the gaming table.

This book is just the appetizer for the following three core books that are ready to unleash their epicness onto the RPG world later this week:

Rising Tides – War of Tides adventure 1
Player’s Companion

Amble’s Guide to Avondale
That’s all from us for now, but we will notify everyone once these three core books are released in a few days.