PRESS RELEASE: The Esper Genesis Threats Database Lands! Over 200 Sci-Fi Monsters and NPCs for 5e

The Esper Genesis Threats Database Lands! Over 200 Sci-Fi Monsters and NPCs for 5e 

Exciting new book offers up many new foes for Esper Genesis, the heroic science-fiction RPG powered by the 5th Edition rules 


Fort Lauderdale, Fla., August 15, 2019 –A new bestiary of creatures, great and small, expands the universe of Esper Genesis, the 5e powered game of heroic sci-fi adventure by, Alligator Alley Entertainment. Already due for a reprint, the ENnienominated Esper Genesis game and the Threats Database are both fully compatible with the 5th edition of the world’s most famous fantasy role-playing game. 


Better yet, all of the beasts in the Threats Database can be dropped into any 5e setting, providing GMs with new challenges to mystify and scare their players. The core games Threats Database presents a wealth of unique beasts and aliens that are both awe-inspiring and terrifyingEach creature comes complete with its own lore which ties into the Esper Genesis setting or can be integrated with a 5e setting of your choice. 


“If you play 5e and love sci-fi, you’re going to love the Threats Database,” said Rich LescouflairEsper Genesis Lead Designer. It’s got everything you need to enhance your game with futuristic monsters and mayhem.

The Threats Database is available now on PDF at, with hardbound print copies available for pre-order here or at your friendly local game store. 


About Alligator Alley Entertainment (AAE): 

Founded by hobby industry veterans Rich Lescouflair, Eric Wiener and Brian Dalrymple, AAE brings a world of imagination to go along with their RPG products. The team’s skill set covers years of game design, retail expertise and print production.  The ENnie-nominated company has created hits like Esper Genesis: Heroic Sci-Fi Role-playingTM with 5E rules andWitch Hunter: The Invisible Worldan RPG of swashbuckling adventure and horror. 

Origins Game Fair 2018 Article Roundup and Esper Genesis

To coincide with Origins Game Fair 2018 (June 13 to 17, 2018), I wrote articles spotlighting some of the games and personalities that were at Origins. Below is a collection of those articles as well as a shout out to Esper Genesis for 5e and Christopher Negelein (I didn’t get over to see the game but I still wanted to share it here because it looks amazing and easy to pick up for all D&D 5e players).

Esper Genesis

Esper Genesis for 5e from Alligator Alley Entertainment

“Esper Genesis is a versatile science fiction RPG and setting that uses the 5th edition rules of the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Galaxies at war, high-tech gadgets and weapons, robots, aliens, starfighters, space cruisers, and ancient machines with the power to shape reality – All of these and more make up the core of Esper Genesis. Brace yourself for high adventure in hyperspace as you strive to make your mark within the great expanse!


Esper Genesis is a science-fiction tabletop roleplaying game powered by the 5th Edition rules engine and inspired by sci-fi greats such as Star Wars, Mass Effect, Phantasy Star, and Ghost in the Shell. Taking on the role of a galactic hero, you can forge your destiny within a universe of advanced technologies and hidden mysteries. Beyond just a bunch of mechanics, Esper Genesis is a powerhouse of awesome sci-fi that’s fully compatible and interchangeable with any official 5E product.

Heroic Sci-fi Roleplaying is the heart of this game. Like the core of 5E, Esper Genesis is just as focused on amazing adventures as it is with fast and easy mechanics. Exotic personalities, alien cultures, and galactic lore are woven together into the setting’s rich history. With a universe that’s immersive from beginning to end, every one of your characters is already part of a fantastic setting you can use to build your own cool sci-fi legend.

Create extraordinary personas from soldiers and spies with high-powered gadgets, to engineers wielding specialized rigs and robotics. Though there is no magic, gifted adepts known as “Espers” channel their cosmic energies through powerful devices, producing spectacular feats of gravity control, psychic ability, and the power to shape the very fabric of space-time.

And that’s only the beginning! Esper Genesis has a unique, adaptable rules system for starship combat. Strap in and blast through the stars in a ship of your own or as part of an ace crew in your party-owned and operated vessel. We’ve also developed an extended list of new weapons, armor, gear, and enhancements, all tailored to provide you with a full scale sci-fi experience.”


Egg’s Thoughts:


I missed this Kickstarter when it was going on, but 336 backers that pledged $24,313 did not. The short pitch – D&D 5e rules used for an epic sci-fi/space opera. If you know 5e, this is an option to take the rules from the dungeon and up into the heavens. If you don’t know 5e, the advertisements assure that “[y]ou do not need the D&D rulebooks or any other 5E product in order to play.” The core rulebook is available now as well as four free samples over at DriveThruRPG and they’re worth looking into.


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