PRESS RELEASE – Justice Velocity: An Action Movie Inspired Tabletop RPG Launches Kickstarter

Justice Velocity: The Action Movie Inspired Tabletop RPG is now Live on Kickstarter

March 6th, 2019– Justice Velocity, the action movie inspired tabletop roleplaying game is officially live on Kickstarter. Inspired by pulpy action films like the Fast & Furious franchise, Bad Boys, and more, Justice Velocity puts you in the driver’s seat.

The campaign launched on Tuesday, March 5th, and generated 32% of its $1500 funding goal in its first day. With a goofy and over-the-top promotional video – , Justice Velocity promises to deliver on all the action movie tropes–espionage, heists, hijinks, and fast cars are all essential to the blood-pumping action.

The title is independent game designer Clipper Arnold and Polyhedra Games’ first official title, though they have the help of Nathon Paoletta (of World Wide Wrestling and more) doing the final layout design, and punchy visuals from Swedish artist Anders Karlsson.

The game boasts quick character creation, making it ideal for one-shots and short campaigns, octane chips for kicking it into high gear for climactic action sequences, and dynamic vehicle rules for different styles of races and car combat.

In their launch day update, Polyhedra Games announced an upcoming liveplay video from The Grizzled Geek, (as well as the possibility of some stretch goals on the horizon. You can view the campaign here –

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Introducing Justice Velocity

An Action Movie Inspired Tabletop Roleplaying Game

What is the velocity of justice? Many say it’s difficult to quantify– that it even evades common metrics of measurement or full understanding by the rule of law. One thing’s for sure, however: you should be able to gauge it as it comes hurtling towards you. Hands grip steering wheels as rubber grips concrete. Seedy underbellies trade bullets with the law and set moral shades of gray ablaze. Napalm and nitrous are as indispensable as your ability to hack or maneuver cold machinery.

Inspired by action movies like the Fast & Furious franchise, Rush Hour, or Bad Boys, and anime like Initial D– Justice Velocity puts you in the driver’s seat. It’s an exercise in collaborative storytelling that puts the stakes of a race or the fate of deadly computer viruses up to your players’ skills, abilities, and the roll of the dice.

There’s something exhilarating about sending Hot Wheels™ down a track into their doom. There’s something thrilling about unnecessary explosions. There’s something amazing about seeing whether or not a car can jump over the opening of a live volcano. Justice Velocity is an unapologetic, adrenaline-fueled romp which delves into the nature of exergy and machine fetishism. It pushes physics, bodies, and systems to their limits. When justice calls, sometimes it’s the gruff, meat-headed, cargo-pants-donning voice of utilitarianism that picks up the phone. This is a foray into that universe… one in which steel, muscle, and ingenuity can prevail and save the world from certain peril.

Justice Velocity is made by Polyhedra Games. It comes to Kickstarter Tuesday, March 5th. You can pre-screen the promo video here – , and see a preview of the Kickstarter campaign here – . Interviews, beta rules, and other materials are available upon request.




PRESS RELEASE – Emerge as a Warrior of Legend in Dragon and Warrior RPG

Emerge as a Warrior of Legend in Dragon and Warrior – A Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Game Launch Now Underway as a Part of Kickstarter’s RPG-Inspired Zine Quest

March 13, 2019 – Olympia, WA—The Warrior stands before the king who tells them that they are the next in a long line of warriors of legend tasked with fighting off an evil tyrant. That is how every game begins, but from then on the players shape the setting, scenery, and the story itself through gameplay.

Four roles craft the narrative: the Warrior, the Villain, the Ally, and Treasure. The Warrior controls the actions of the story’s protagonist. The Villain invents conflicts, monsters, and characters who stand in the Warrior’s way. The Ally steers the townsfolk, shopkeepers, and the Warrior’s friends—all whom aid the Warrior’s journey and send them on quests. Lastly, Treasure describes the world itself, breathing life into setting and scenery, as well as whatever items the Warrior finds on their journey. Players are encouraged to ask provocative questions about the parts of the story the other players’ roles control, allowing everyone to push the story towards what piques their curiosity.  Players frequently switch roles during the game, giving everyone a chance to say what the Warrior does next. Questions serve a double purpose of useful prompts to jumpstart one another’s imaginations.

Drawing is a meaningful part of the gameplay as well. Depending on their role, players might draw maps of towns and dungeons they explore, or sketch the monsters and challenges that lie in wait for the Warrior. When the players switch roles, so do the drawings they were working on, allowing other players to fill in details, or introduce characters and settings based on someone else’s art.

There are just enough stats and strategy to give Dragon and Warrior the feel of a turn-based RPG video game battle without having so many rules that they hinder player creativity. Conflict is quick and exciting—a back and forth card game of attacking, blocking, and maneuvering for the right opening. Characters can be built to focus on powerful strikes, quick agility, or magic spells, and they will slowly grow in power throughout the campaign—as will their enemies.

Dragon and Warrior is available for purchase through Kickstarter in two formats (a $5 PDF file or an $8 zine in single-color ink). The hand-drawn art and beautiful layout were designed by Michael Wight in the style of Akira Toriyama of Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball fame. The Kickstarter ends on Sat, March 30th.

Created by game designer Orion Canning, Dragon and Warrior is based on old school JRPG video games, combining strategic turn-based battles with the play-to-find-out style of indie RPGs. Though Dragon and Warrior is Canning’s first game release, his work can be enjoyed in Fall of Magic, Legend of the Elements, and Monsterhearts Second Skins. Fully funded within nine days of its release, Dragon and Warrior looks to be Canning’s first successful launch.

Number of Players: 2-6

Time Required: 2-4 hours for a single session, many sessions for a full campaign

Kickstarter Page:


Press Release: John Carter of Mars Mega Miniature and Book Release

Modiphius announces array of new John Carter of Mars book and miniature releases
Greetings {First Name}!
Today we’re pleased to announce the release of a raft of new John Carter products including the core book in print, first campaign book Phantoms of Mars in print and PDF, the Narrator’s Screen, Prince of Helium Notebook plus individual resin miniatures like John Carter and Dejah Thoris in alt poses to power your adventures of heroism and romance on the dying red planet!
These join the recent John Carter Collector’s Slipcase set, miniature sets featuring the Heroes of Barsoom, Helium and Zodanga Fighting Crews and Thark Warband, plus Helium, Thark and Zodangan dice sets, which are all available as part of the John Carter of Mars Collection on You can also buy all the PDFs as part of the John Carter Collection on
John Carter Core Book
“My attention was quickly riveted by a large red star close to the distant horizon. As I gazed upon it I felt a spell of overpowering fascination—it was Mars, the god of war, and for me, the fighting man, it had always held the power of irresistible enchantment. As I gazed at it on that far-gone night it seemed to call across the unthinkable void, to lure me to it…”
Edgar Rice Burrough’s John Carter of Mars: Adventures on the Dying World of Barsoom transports you to the Red Planet of Barsoom, an arid, dying land of ancient civilizations and fearsome creatures. Begin your adventures of romance and heroism using a pulp-action inspired variant of the 2d20 System. Take on the role of heroes as you travel, battle, and romance your way across the wondrous and dangerous world of Barsoom. Play as John Carter, Princess Dejah Thoris, the fearsome Thark warrior Tars Tarkas – or create your own heroes from an exciting variety of options.
An overview of Barsoom and its peoples, perfect to introduce new players to the wondrous world of John Carter of Mars.
Detailed chapters on Barsoomian technology, creatures and cultures.
A new talent focused, narrative variation of the 2d20 System including a step-by-step character generation system designed to create heroes from a variety of backgrounds and concepts.
Create a wide variety of characters such as a Dashing Red Martian Duelist, a Brilliant First Born Scientist, a Savage Beastmaster, a Courageous Airship Officer, even Earthborn characters, so players can follow in the bounding footsteps of John Carter himself!
A detailed narrator’s section filled with information on how to run genre-and-setting appropriate campaigns, including information about the great and terrible secrets of Barsoom.
Three eras of play based on the adventures of John Carter himself. Adventure during the Dotar Sojat era, or adventure during the time where Carter became a Prince of Helium and in the years after when he was believed dead, or fight alongside Carter and his allies during the later Jeddak of Jeddaks era.
An introductory adventure, the Mind Merchants of Mars, to get players and narrators started on their adventures and immersed in the world of Barsoom.
Phantoms of Mars
Uncover the nefarious conspiracy of the mysterious organisation known as the Eidolon as you adventure your way across Barsoom to save the people of the dying planet. Phantoms of Mars will take your heroes on a journey full of pulp-action, intrigue and heroism as they race to uncover the Eidolon conspiracy and see just how far it has spread.
  • A 128 page, full colour, landscape hardback book with a complete campaign arc for the John Carter of Mars role-playing game.
  • Detailed narrator’s section with information on key characters, plots and advice on how to run and insert the campaign into existing games.
  • Also includes the Swords of Mars 2d20 Skirmish rules for use with the John Carter of Mars miniature collection.
Narrator’s Screen
Modiphius Entertainment presents the John Carter of Mars Narrator’s Toolkit. The Toolkit includes the official John Carter of Mars narrator screen. The exterior features amazing rendered artwork from the cover of the core rule-book, while the interior features useful rules, tables and charts for narrators. Also included is a booklet with new advice on running campaigns as well as new rules.
  • Full colour, 4-panel narrator screen with artwork on the exterior and reference tables and charts on the interior.
  • 36 page, full colour booklet with advice on running and creating campaigns as well as new additional rules for travel and large-scale combat.
Prince of Helium Notebook
Modiphius Entertainment presents the John Carter of Mars Prince of Helium Notebook. The exterior features amazing rendered artwork from the cover of the core rulebook, while the interior features blank, lined and gridded paper to detail your journey across Barsoom as well as character sheets to keep your heroes’ information all in one place.
  • Fully illustrated cover with elastic closure.
  • 160 page notebook featuring blank, lined and gridded paper.
  • Character sheets built into the notebook for ease of use in play.
We also have a selection of individual miniatures including John Carter and Dejah Thoris in alternative poses, Sola, Ras Tharvas and Gor Hajus, plus monsters of Mars like the White Ape, Apt and Banth, as well as Plant Men and Synthetic Men.
We hope you enjoy this round of John Carter books, minis and accessories and look out for more great releases coming soon,
Best wishes,
Modiphius Entertainment
About Modiphius Entertainment
Modiphius Entertainment is a London, England-based entertainment publisher of tabletop games and related hobby merchandise. The company launched its first game, the Achtung! Cthulhu Roleplaying Game, in 2013, followed by the Mutant Chronicles RPG, DUST Adventures RPG based on Paolo Parente’s DUST universe, Infinity The Roleplaying Game based on the best-selling miniatures game, Conan, Adventures in Age Undreamed of, the official roleplaying game of Robert E Howard’s barbaric universe, Matt Leacock’s Thunderbirds, a cooperative board game based on the classic 60’s show and the official Kung Fu Panda Boardgame.
Modiphius Entertainment seeks to inspire with its tales of heroism, adventure and courage. Modiphius also works to combat global child trafficking through raising awareness of and funds for Vision Rescue. For more information, please visit

PRESS RELEASE – NerdBurger Games Presents CAPERS Noir!

NerdBurger Games Presents CAPERS Noir!

It’s the 1940s in the United States. World War 2 has wrought such destruction that the veil between this world and the world of the dead has thinned. Monsters have crept in. You are a criminal or a cop in a noir landscape of crime, corruption, red eyes in the shadows, and bumps in the night…and you have super-powers!


PRESS RELEASE – The Seas of Vodari – Swashbuckling & Sorcery for 5E

The Seas of Vodari – Swashbuckling & Sorcery for 5E

The Seas of Vodari Kickstarter campaign will be launching on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 at 2pm EDT and will run for 30 days.

The Seas of Vodari is a full color book that we are offering in hardcover and PDF. This book provides 200+ pages of material for gamemasters to run exciting seafaring campaigns for 5th Edition. Your players will get tons of options for creating characters and you’ll get support to run a world full of swashbuckling action and magical adventure.

The World of Vodari

Long ago, a vast continent was annihilated and all but the outer edge of the continent sank to the bottom of the sea. The devastation left only a scattered few to start rebuilding their civilization on a ring of islands…

The Seas of Vodari campaign setting contains all of the iconic things you’d expect in a fantasy setting, but in a world with more water than land, much of the familiar becomes surprising and new.

  • Dungeons can be found deep below the surface of the sea in the form of shipwrecks and lost cities.
  • The most dangerous monsters are found below the waves, such as sea dragons, megalodons and krakens.
  • Nature becomes as deadly as the most powerful monsters with furious hurricanes, catastrophic tsunamis, and fiery volcanoes.

Islands are modular by nature and the book was designed for you to use as a detailed setting or to pick and choose what you like for your own game world.

The Seas of Vodari campaign setting was created to support seafaring adventures that focus on the crew of a ship hunting sea monsters, exploring mysterious uncharted islands, visiting bustling port cities, following maps to find buried treasure, and battling cutthroat pirates. The setting is also well suited to running campaigns in its large port cities, with swashbuckling heroes getting mixed up with fierce rivals, notorious crime syndicates, feuding nobles, and scheming politicians.

What’s In the Book?

The Seas of Vodari will provide you with tons of material to run an entire seafaring campaign or just a single adventure…

Player Options
New races and subraces, classes and subclasses, backgrounds, and feats for your players to create seafaring adventurers.

  • Gunslinger class with three subclasses (Arcane Gunmaster, Pistolero, and Musketeer)
  • Swashbuckling and sorcery inspired options for all 12 classes to fit a seafaring world
  • A full pantheon for clerics and paladins

Weapons, Armor & Equipment
New weapon, armor and equipment options to offer your players. You’ll find flintlock pistols and rifles, cutlasses and sabres, compasses, spyglasses, and more.

Magical Relics & Spells
New spells, magic items, and powerful ancient relics with a focus on sailing, naval combat, and underwater exploration.

A World of Islands to Explore
Explore countless islands, with details for over thirty islands, a dozen cities, wilderness encounters, ruins, and more.

Rules for Swashbuckling Adventures
Run swashbuckling adventures with advice and rules for duels, social combat, naval chases, plunder tables, and the code of the sea.

Adventures to Run
‘Island with No Name’ starter adventure for levels 1 to 3. Quick run scenarios including a haunted ship, sunken shipwreck, treasure hunt, and more.

Ships to Sail
Sloops, brigatines, galleons, gnomish submersibles, dwarven ironsides, elven swan ships, ships of the damned, and more. Plus, we didn’t forget to add lots of cannons.

Allies & Adversaries
NPCs for your players to befriend or face as adversaries. Stats, motivations, illustrations, and more will be provided for each.

Monsters to Fight
Monsters to challenge, amuse, and terrify your players including sea dragons, windsurfing goblins, sirens, technofish, megalodons, and sea titans.

The learn more about The Seas of Vodari or to back this Kickstarter visit

About Tribality

Tribality Publishing already has numerous best-selling PDFs under its belt. We self-funded those PDFs, but we wanted go big with for Seas of Vodari. We have secured a solid team of professionals on both the writing and production side. We are now moving into the final development stage of filling out the world with more player options, locations, magic, and monsters.



Preorder the trove of new releases at your favorite local game store or


REDMOND, WASHINGTON (March 6, 2019): After years of development and feedback from more than 125,000 players, Paizo Inc. has announced the August 1 launch of the second edition of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! showcases the full slate of launch titles, including the Core Rulebook, Bestiary, Lost Omens World Guide, the standalone adventure The Fall of Plaguestone, and the first of the new-six volume Age of Ashes Pathfinder Adventure Path: Hellknight Hill. It also presents the all-new Pathfinder Flip-Mat: The Fall of Plaguestone, Character Sheet Pack, GM Screen, Combat Pad, and Condition Card Deck Pathfinder accessories.

Paizo Publisher Erik Mona said, “The launch slate provides everything you need to set out on a world of limitless fantasy adventure. With more than 20 years of active development and playtest feedback from more than 125,000 gamers, the new Pathfinder rules are easy to learn and exciting to master. We can’t wait to see the diverse and deeply customized characters the RPG community will create!”


Product Details:

Pathfinder Core Rulebook

By Logan Bonner, Jason Bulmahn, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, and Mark Seifter

Hardcover: $59.99

Deluxe Hardcover: $79.99


Pathfinder Bestiary

By Paizo Staff

Hardcover: $49.99

Deluxe Hardcover: $69.99


Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide

By Tanya DePass, James Jacobs, Lyz Liddell, Ron Lundeen, Liane Merciel, Erik Mona, Mark Seifter, and James L. Sutter

Hardcover: $36.99


Pathfinder Adventure Path: Hellknight Hill (Age of Ashes 1 of 6)

By Amanda Hamon

Softcover: $24.99


Pathfinder Adventure: The Fall of Plaguestone

By Jason Bulmahn

Softcover: $22.99


Pathfinder Flip-Mat: The Fall of Plaguestone

By Jason A. Engle and Jason Bulmahn


Pathfinder: Character Sheet Pack

By Sarah Robinson and Logan Bonner



Pathfinder: GM Screen

By Ekaterina Burmak and Paizo Staff

Widescreen Edition: $19.99

By Wayne Reynolds and Paizo Staff

Portrait Edition: $19.99 ( exclusive)


Pathfinder: Combat Pad

By Paizo Staff



Pathfinder: Condition Card Deck

By Paizo Staff



A full description of all Pathfinder Second Edition launch products can be found at Paizo will reveal the September lineup in a few weeks, so make sure to bookmark the site. Follow their live Twitch streams at for the latest news.


About Paizo

Paizo Inc. is one of the world’s leading hobby game publishers. Since 2002, millions of players have joined the goblin army by playing the Pathfinder® and Starfinder® roleplaying games across tabletops, at conventions, at their favorite local game stores, and digitally on virtual tabletops. is an online retail hobby destination for millions of gamers that carries the latest products from top hobby game publishers. Players can also find the newest releases, as well as accessories like dice and maps, miniatures, T-shirts, and goblin plush toys, to quickly replenish their adventuring supplies for the next dungeon run.

PRESS RELEASE – The space saga Coriolis: Emissary Lost released today – It will change the universe forever

Free League Publishing

The space saga Coriolis: Emissary Lost released today – It will change the universe forever

Free League Publishing –

Mystics are found dead or disappears without a trace. Who is hunting the mystics of Coriolis? And why? When someone close to you disappears, it becomes personal. Can you solve the mystery before it is too late?

Prepare to be thrown into a vast conspiracy that threatens the stability of Coriolis. It is time for you to learn what The Third Horizon really means. Free League Publishing today announced that the epic space saga Coriolis: Emissary Lost has released. The expansion to the multiple award-winning tabletop Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG will change the universe forever.

Watch the Coriolis: Emissary Lost trailer

Read more about Coriolis: Emissary Lost

Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG

“The game’s authors describe it as ‘Arabian Nights in space’ and it fulfills that brief marvelously. Style 5/5, Substance 5/5.” – RPG NET Review

Coriolis – The Third Horizon is a multiple award-winning science fiction role playing game set in a remote cluster of star systems. Crew a space ship and travel the Horizon. Explore the ancient ruins, undertake missions for the powerful factions and partake in the game of political intrigue on Coriolis space station. The Horizon is yours to explore. Whatever your calling is, you will make your own fate.

Coriolis – The Third Horizon was awarded the ENnies Judges’ Spotlight 2017 and is created by Free League Publishing, the makers of critically acclaimed tabletop RPGs Forbidden Lands, Mutant: Year Zero and Tales from the Loop.

Free League Publishing

Resource links

Coriolis Emissary Lost trailer   Coriolis Emissary Lost product page


REDMOND, WASHINGTON (January 29, 2019): Paizo Inc. has welcomed Two Kings Entertainment LLC into its international fold of licensed partners, where the team will continue to produce epic fantasy tales on their actual play live stream, Dragons and Things, now in its second seasonThey can now expand their schedule with new and innovative content using the Pathfinder and Starfinder roleplaying games.
“We were drawn to Dragons and Things because it embodies the core of what tabletop gaming is all about: good friends, wild stories, and high-fantasy adventure. We look forward to working with them as they bring Pathfinder and Starfinder to life through vibrant characters and officially licensed RPG hijinks,” said Jim Butler, Vice President of Marketing & Licensing at Paizo.
“Jim Rodehaver and I have always loved creating epic fantasy stories both at the tabletop and on the screen. What started years ago with his dad as GM has now grown into a tabletop experience that includes friends and loved ones, and extends to fans across the world every Friday night on Twitch. We’re beyond excited to be partnering with Paizo on the next part of our adventure and very fortunate that they share our love of fun, memorable, and sometimes loud storytelling involving dragons and things. The team is looking forward to making 2019 just the beginning,” said founder and CEO of Two Kings Entertainment, Adam Rady.
Dragons and Things isn’t just about rolling dice while the internet watches. The cast chats with the audience live every week. Fans influence the game itself in a dynamic story that leaves even the GM guessing what might happen next. It’s a community experience that keeps old fans coming back and welcomes new fans with open arms.
Dragons and Things streams every Friday night at 6 p.m. (PST). Find it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and Patreon with the @datdragonshow handle.
About Two Kings Entertainment LLC
Two Kings Entertainment has been streaming live every Friday night since January of 2018 on with its flagship show, Dragons and Things. It is also responsible for Bedlam and Discord, and is set to release a brand new podcast to Patreon supporters this year. Get access to this exclusive content and more on and stay up to date on all the latest from the Krag Krew @datdragonshow on Twitter and Instagram.
About Paizo Inc.
Paizo Inc. is one of the world’s leading hobby game publishers. Since 2002, millions of players have joined the goblin army by playing the Pathfinder® and Starfinder® roleplaying games across tabletops, at conventions, at their favorite local game stores, and digitally on virtual tabletops. is an online retail hobby destination for millions of gamers that carries the latest products from top hobby game publishers. Players can also find accessories, like dice and maps, miniatures, T-shirts, goblin plush toys, and the newest releases to quickly replenish their adventuring supplies for the next dungeon run.



After over 25 years of development and play-testing, table-top role playing game Interstellar Mercenary (I.S.M.) is launching its Kickstarter Campaign on 18 February 2019!

With the realism and grittiness of Game of Thrones, unique world and creature design to rival Star Wars or Lord of the Rings and a focus on strategic decision making and tactical combat using the original I.S.M. Combat Simulation system: I.S.M. will suck you in and keep you coming back for more – if you survive.

You are an Interstellar Mercenary (I.S.M.), part of an elite team of hired killers and specialists, on a distant alien planet, in the service of the feudal Kisrian Empire. Ex-serial murderers, thieves, cyborgs, alien-hybrid creations, cyber-terrorists, disgraced royalty and cerebral warriors all have a place on the team, provided the Empire deems your ‘talents’ useful enough. To further complicate matters each mercenary has their own hidden agenda or motivation for joining the I.S.M. which may ultimately bring down the Empire you were enlisted to protect, or your fellow mercenary.

So if you are bored of human(ish) characters and want to be the monster; if you are tired of unrealistic consequences/character traits/enemies; if you want there to be a real and meaningful difference between using low or high guard; or want your decisions to matter while always knowing death is on the doorstep: then I.S.M is for you!

Chad Aston

Check out the trailer and website here: and Facebook here:

Combat Quickstart rules and Character Sheets are here:

PRESS RELEASE – How to Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions – Tips from Free League Publishing 2019

Free League Publishing

How to Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions – Tips from Free League Publishing 2019

Free League Publishing – Jan 23, 2019 12:40 GMT

To be frank, the new year has been here quite a while already. It’s about time you start thinking about how to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions. Remember when you promised to have more fun in your everyday life and become a more adventurous person? Wait, what do you mean, that you don’t remember? Ok, then let me remind you!

  • You promised, cross your heart, that you would hang out more with your friends, sit down and have a cozy time with drinks and snacks at hand.
  • You promised that you would get a lot more exercise and take long walks in lush forests, so you’d get into good shape for all your future fights with monsters, raiders, mutants, robots and the likes.
  • You promised to try and meet new people, you know, anything from the kids in school to the bearded strangers offering you mead at the inn, say hi to the dwarves in the mountain and grab lunch with the mutants in the Zone and… Well, just be a bit more open-minded to the random encounter.
  • Oh, and you also promised that you would visit new and exciting places, like The Loop below the pastoral countryside of Mälaröarna, take a tour in the post-apocalyptic Ark, travel to the Forbidden Lands that used to be covered by the Blood Mist, travel into space and visit the Coriolis space station, and then go back to the 80’s and 90’s that never was.

So what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t help you fulfill your New Year’s resolutions?
Here is a list of games to help your new life!

Big hug, you can do it! I believe in you.

your friend at Free League Publishing

Things from the Flood – Roleplaying in the 90’s that never was (2019)
Crusader Kings the Board Game – A Medieval Soap Opera about War and Marriage (2019)
Forbidden Lands – Roleplaying Rogues & Raiders in a Cursed World (December 2018)
Tales from the Loop – Roleplaying in the ’80s That Never Was
Coriolis the Third Horizon – Roleplaying in the Darkness Between the Stars
Symbaroum – Roleplaying in a World filled with Dark Adventures
Mutant: Year Zero – Roleplaying at The End of Days

Free League Publishing

Free League Publishing

Things from the Flood RPG


Welcome back to the Loop. Things are different now, Things from the Flood are coming. The sequel to the multiple award-winning Tales from the Loop RPG, based on the wondrous worlds of Simon Stålenhag, will release in 2019.
The Things from the Flood RPG thrusts the Tales universe into a grim alternate 1990s. Step into the shoes of a teenager growing up in a decade of change – and disaster. Still, your life goes on as before. You go to school, fall miserably in love and try to fend of boredom. But when teens start to go missing, you and your friends decide to solve the mystery.

Read more and make a late pledge.

Crusader Kings the Board Game


In this medieval strategy soap opera, your King or Queen will need to survive invasions, plots, crusades, and even marriage. Or at least have children, siblings or spouses standing by to take over the throne. Failure to raise a suitable heir could face you with the end of your dynasty. Oh dear! All the while experiencing events of the strange and dangerous life of a medieval ruler. Will you create the most powerful dynasty of medieval Europe to triumph – or downfall? Do you have what it takes to become a Crusader King?

Read more and make a late pledge.

Forbidden Lands


[ One of the best RPGs of 2018 according to Geek & Sundry ]

Are you a brave adventurer that wish to enter Forbidden Lands? Do you long for a magical journey into the unknown? The time has come to make your mark on a cursed world. Wander the wilderness, discover lost tombs, fight horrifying monsters and build your own stronghold to defend. Forbidden Landsis a brand-new take on classic fantasy roleplaying.

Read more

Tales from the Loop


[ Five-time Gold ENnie-award winner – including Best Game & Product of the Year ]

“RPG Tales from the Loop lets you channel Stranger Things and ET.” – The Verge

“Tales from the Loop could very well be the RPG phenomenon of 2017.” – Geek & Sundry

Step into the amazing world of the Loop and encounter the fantastic machines and strange beasts that have come to haunt the countryside. Escape your everyday problems and solve mysteries, you will become a part of something meaningful and magical – but also dangerous. The award-winning Tales from the Loop RPG is based on the work by acclaimed artist Simon Stålenhag. The retro futuristic art captures the spirit of Swedish 1980s suburbia and have spread like wildfire worldwide with a unique atmosphere that is both instantly recognizable and utterly alien. The art book Tales from the Loop will be a TV-series at Amazon Prime in a near future.

Read more

Coriolis The Third Horizon


[ Awarded the ENnies Judges’ Spotlight]

“The game’s authors describe it as ‘Arabian Nights in space’ and it fulfills that brief marvelously.” – RPGnet

Do you wish to crew a space ship and travel to the space station Coriolis set in a remote cluster of star systems? You will explore the ancient ruins of the Portal Builders, undertake missions for the powerful factions and partake in the game of political intrigue. Whatever your calling is, together you will make your own fate. In the end you might even discover the truth about the mysterious Emissaries and the threat of the Dark Between the Stars in the sci-fi adventure Coriolis – The Third Horizon.

Read more



[ Best Game nomination at the Origins Awards ]

“Symbaroum excels in every single aspect of game design: the setting, the rules, the layout, the art.” –RPGnet

Explore vast forests in the hunt for treasures, lost wisdoms and fame. Visit the barbarian clans to trade or to plunder their treasuries. Establish a base of power among princes, guilds or rebellious refugees or survive encounters with trolls, dark-minded Blight Beasts and undead warlords. But whatever you do, never ignore the warnings spoken by the wardens of the forest: tread carefully and do not disturb the ruins of old, for the dark deep of Davokar is about to awaken in the dark fantasy game Symbaroum.

Read more

Mutant: Year Zero


[ Awarded a Silver ENnie for Best Rules. Nominated to Six ENnies ]
[ Winner Best Roleplaying Game UK Games Expo ]

“Probably the best post-apocalyptic RPG on the market. Full stop.” – RPGNet

Of course, the world ends. It was always just a question of time. When it’s all over, nature invades the ruined cities and winds sweep through empty streets. Yet life remains. In the Ark, you and the other survivors have found a haven. You are the spawn of humanity, but not human anymore. Your bodies and minds have incredible powers, but you are twisted, mutated freaks. And now the safe days are over. Food is running scarce, and the fight for what’s left is turning violent. It’s time to venture out and explore the Zone. You have no choice. This is the beginning. This is Mutant: Year Zero.

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Free League Publishing is a Swedish publisher dedicated to speculative fiction. We have published several award-winning tabletop role-playing games and critically acclaimed art books set in strange and wondrous worlds.

Our upcoming games includes the alternate 90s Things from the Flood RPG, the sequel to the award-winning Tales from the Loop RPG and Crusader Kings the Board Game, a medieval soap opera of war, assassination and marriage.

The post-apocalyptic Mutant: Year Zero was awarded a Silver ENnie for Best Rules 2015. The sci-fi adventure Coriolis – The Third Horizon, was awarded a Judge’s Spotlight Award at Gencon. The dark fantasy roleplaying game Symbaroum has earned several nominations and awards, including a Best Game nomination at the Origins Awards 2016. And we are proud to say that our roleplaying game Tales from the Loop RPG based on Simon Stålenhags iconic artbooks made a grand slam at the ENnie Awards 2017, winning five Gold ENnies – among them Best Game. Our latest fantasy RPG is Forbidden Lands, recently named one of the best RPGs of 2018 by Geek & Sundry.

We have also released the critically acclaimed art books Things from the Flood and Tales from the Loopby artist Simon Stålenhag. His third book The Electric State has been released by Free League Publishing exclusively to the backers of the kickstarter campaign.


PRESS RELEASE – Legacy: Rhapsody of Blood: Choir of Souls releases!

The Castle Invades Again and Again!
Greetings Egg!
We’re pleased to announce the release of a new expansion for the Worlds of Legacy title Rhapsody of Blood.
Written by Maria Rivera, Rhapsody of Blood: Choir of Souls is available in PDF on and as part of our Legacy Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition Collection.
Here’s the details on this intriguing new expansion:
The Castle invades time and time again, trying to blight our world. Fight it back with seven new Explorer playbooks for Rhapsody of Blood!
Choir of Souls by Maria Rivera brings you seven new Explorer playbooks to use in Rhapsody of Blood. Bring them into your game to add variety to your game, and explore new ways of fighting back the Regent and their minions!
Also includes printable PDF handouts to use in your game.
Playbooks Included:
  • The Assassin is a killer and a poisoner.
  • The Captain is a supportive leader and combatant.
  • The Joker is a trickster and a jack-of-all-trades.
  • The Knight is an honor-bound warrior.
  • The Mascot is a sapient animal or creature.
  • The Medic is a perceptive healer.
  • The Professor is an inventor and a tinkerer.
This expansion requires Worlds of Legacy: Rhapsody of Blood to play!
We hope you enjoy this latest edition to the Legacy 2nd Edition Collection and look out for more great Legacy releases coming soon!
Best wishes,
Modiphius Entertainment

PRESS RELEASE – Star Trek Adventures will you violate the Prime Directive?

Will you violate the Prime Directive?
Today we’re really pleased to bring you a new Star Trek Adventures adventure, The Gravity of the Crime, by Christopher L Bennett.
The Gravity of the Crime is available in PDF on and DriveThruRPG.comas part of our Star Trek Collection which also features books, minis and accessories.
Here’s the exciting details on this new adventure set in the TNG era.
Welcome commander… Your orders are go undercover on the pre-contact planet of Kalmur to investigate the accidental death of a Federation observer.
When a Kalmuri experiment into artificial gravity goes wildly wrong, an experimental device explodes crushing everyone within the test lab, including a Starfleet scientist, Lieutenant Li, who had infiltrated the project as an observer.
Sent to investigate this apparently accidental death, your team is confronted by a Kalmuri detective, Lanox, who is convinced the deaths are the result of sabotage.
 Can you solve this classic locked-room murder mystery without violating Starfleet’s Prime Directive?
Set during the TNG era, this adventure also contains advice for adaptation to other eras including The Original Series.
Please note those who pre-ordered the Star Trek Adventures Core Book will receive this free and separately as a reward via
We hope you enjoy this latest adventure which joins a host of other titles like Ends and Means, Remnants and Call Back Yesterday, to provide some classic encounters for your Star Adventures characters.
Look out for more great Star Trek releases coming soon!
Best wishes,
Modiphius Entertainment

PRESS RELEASE – Help Gen Con Name the New Mascot Dragon!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, January 28, 2019

Name the New Gen Con Dragon!

Gen Con, the largest and longest-running tabletop convention in North America, is revealing a new mascot for the Gen Con brand. On Monday, January 28 at noon (PST), the Gen Con Twitter account (@gen_con) will start a weeklong contest to name the new dragon mascot, giving away two 4-Day badges for Gen Con 2019 to the lucky winner! Participants can enter by replying to the tweet announcing the contest with their name choice, and the hashtag #gencondragon. The submission with the most likes by noon (PST) on Monday, February 4 will be named the winner (subject to Gen Con approval)!

The dragon is designed by award-winning fantasy illustrator Craig J. Spearing. Spearing has worked with numerous distinguished board game and literary publishers, including Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Arcane Wonders, Fantasy Flight, Penguin Random House and Scholastic.

Link to contest:

PRESS RELEASE – Light-hearted adventures for 5th edition fantasy on Kickstarter

Light-hearted adventures for 5th edition fantasy on Kickstarter

Game designers John Scott and Terry Herc launch their Kickstarter for Professor Humbert Drumsley: 5e Adventure Codex

January 29, 2019​ – Game designers John Scott and Terry Herc have launched their first Kickstarter campaign for Professor Humbert Drumsley: 5e Adventure Codex, a collection of short adventures for the 5th edition of the world’s oldest fantasy roleplaying system.

Since first publishing in 2017, Terry Herc has been producing supplements for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons on the DMs Guild. With a number of best selling products, Terry is bringing this experience to Kickstarter, along with John Scott as co-writer on their new book.

Professor Humbert Drumsley is filled with lore and short side treks, perfect for when characters are between major adventures and need something a bit lighter. Heavily influenced by Rincewind from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and the Ice King in Adventuretime, you’ll find Humbert a humorous addition to any campaign.

“Our playtesters have really enjoyed Humbert,” said John. “They really caught on with the premise of him as a menace to the town. They’re not so much “questing” as they are in “damage control” mode.”

Some of the adventures in the Codex include Magic Items on the Loose, Ogre for Mayor, and Bats, Braziers, and Bugbears. One of the adventures, Oh, I Hate Spiders!, has already been released as a freebie on DriveThruRPG to help promote the campaign.

“We really wanted to get some great art in the book,” said Terry. “That’s why we’re using some amazing pieces by Rick Hershey of Fat Goblin Games and Jeremy Hart of Jeremy Hart Illos. Not only that, we’ve got Travis Legge of Aegis Studios lined up to do the layout, which is truly fantastic.”

The pledge options on the Kickstarter include the PDF, as well as print-on-demand softcover and hardcover options. There’s also an exclusive signed Collectors Editions, which includes a personalized message and free shipping to anywhere in the world. “We’re really excited to deliver our first printed book to backers,” said Terry. “Using DriveThruRPG’s print-on-demand service will help us get books out to our backers quickly.”

“We’ve got some really great stretch goals planned,” said John. “Not just Funding stretch goals, we’ve also got Social and Backer goals too. We’re also looking forward to engaging with our backers, some of our stretch goals will need their input.”

“We’re very excited to bring this to Kickstarter. With a little help from the roleplaying community, we can bring this book to life. And with some luck, we can smash through our stretch goals and make the finished book even bigger,” added Terry.

Professor Humbert Drumsley: 5e Adventure Codex is accepting pledges on Kickstarter through March 1st.


Project link:

PRESS RELEASE – Awaken: The Liborian Saga is live now on Kickstarter!


Studio 2 Publishing Inc. and The Games Collective are happy to announce that the new Kickstarter campaign for the dark fantasy tabletop RPG Awaken, The Liborian Saga, is live right now!  

The campaign aims to fund a new expansion book in which players can finally discover more about one of the most mysterious and fascinating part of Salvora, the islands of Liboria. The book will extend the regional lore (providing new informations about the three Great Cities of the region with detailed maps, histories, locations of interest, and story hooks), will add new antagonists, monsters, items and weaponry, will explore the regional Orders and cults, and will add new rules that players can use to build their own Gifts and Superior Gifts. The book will also includes a new playable adventure, “The Death Cycle”. 

People that will support The Liborian Saga through Kickstarter will be able to receive some exclusive goodies, like t-shirts, bookmarks, posters and a special leather dust jacket edition of the book. Reaching specific stretch goals will also guarantee to all the backers a large variety of additional contents, like a 3D map of Salvora, the hardcover upgrade for the book, and new digital sourcebooks. 

You can find more specific informations about all the pledges, the add-ons and the stretch goals directly on the Kickstarter page of The Liborian saga: 


About Awaken. Developed by the croatian team The Games Collective, Awaken is a dark fantasy role-playing game that takes place in a war-ravaged world, heavily influenced by Slavic and Mediterranean folklore. The Alliance of the Great Cities is slowly fading out, and the Vargans, monstrous creatures who once caused a war that nearly devastated the continent, still hide in the shadows of the underground, ready to come out. The only hope for the people of Salvora are the Vasalli, powerful humans gifted with abilities capable of changing the course of history: will they bear the burden of being the protectors of humanity, or will they allow themselves to be corrupted by power and succumb to the darkness that delves in every heart? 

About The Games Collective. The team was founded by Marko Matijević Sekul and Zoltan Lečei, two avid readers, lifelong game enthusiasts, and storytelling fanatics that want to share their vision and experience with every reader, player, and explorer out there. 

About Studio 2 Publishing Inc.. Thanks to their extensive production and distribution experience, Studio 2 published many games from different companies, including Pinnacle Entertainment, Exile Game Studio, Crafty Games, Engine Publishing, Hunters Books, Paradigm Concepts, TerrorBull Games, Reality Blurs, Third Eye Games, Alderac Entertainment, Dwarven Forge, Calliope Games, and Kuznia Gier. 

More info about Awaken: 


PRESS RELEASE – Swallower of Souls and Tears of Ampharool Quickstarts now in print!

We’re really pleased to announce the release of two new Mindjammer Quickstart adventures that are now available in print for the first time, following the recently released PDFs.
In the last centuries of the Fifth Cycliad, a great malaise began to descend on the lands of humankind. The great civilisations of the Earth, which for aeons had seemed on the verge of slumber, now finally began to rot from within. From the edges of the world, the ever-present enemies drew close, their hungry claws poised to tear apart the delicate flesh of a fruit a hundred millennia in the ripening. And all around, a cry arose for Heroes, to stand against the dying of the light, and save the world from the sins of its past.
The Swallower of Souls is the Quickstart Rules and Introductory Adventure for the The Chronicles of Future Earth Kickstarter, is the brand new cosmic fantasy roleplaying game from Mindjammer Press. Set in the far, far future of our planet Earth, it’s a game of sorcery and demons, of fallen civilisations and ancient technologies, of monsters and mysteries and mind-shattering dimensions. This
This Quickstart provides everything you need to play – a modified version of the Fate Core rules, specially tailored for cosmic fantasy roleplaying, six pregenerated characters, and an action-packed adventure in the Eternal City of Kados, spanning one or two sessions of play. We hope you’ll join us and help us produce this brand-new game line!
Some said it was the end of days. Some said it was only the beginning. These adventures tell the history of that time yet to come. These are the Chronicles of Future Earth…
The Desert of Fire, the fearsome Aramla El-Nar, holds many secrets, a fiery waste which has swallowed entire armies and kingdoms whole. When their trade caravan is engulfed by a mysterious sandstorm, your Dragon-Marked heroes receive a call to adventure which may set them on their path to glory. Participate in all the romance, mystery, and adventure of the One Thousand and One Nights, with ancient magics, terrifying foes, and a forgotten betrayal which might change the world…!
 The Capharnaum Quickstart: THE TEARS OF AMPHAROOL is a complete and playable introductory adventure for CAPHARNAUM – THE TALES OF THE DRAGON-MARKED, featuring an abridged set of rules, five pregenerated characters to get to playing right away, and an action-packed scenario spanning one or two sessions of play. Check out the Capharnaum RPG Kickstarter page for much more on this exciting new setting!
We hope you enjoy these latest new Quickstarts from Mindjammer Press and look out for more great releases coming soon!

PRESS RELEASE – Urgent – Critical Core needs you!

Ready for the Adventure?

Our Kickstarter is close to launch! Our campaign page is coming together and manufacturing is ready to go.

But before we go live we need more subscribers, so our campaign will be featured by the Kickstarter team.

We need your help – together we can make this adventure come to life!


Activate Your Network!

By encouraging your friends to sign up, we can launch our Kickstarter faster! Please spread the word about Critical Core and get your friends to support the project:


Like and Share our Facebook Page!

If you haven’t already, please like and share the Critical Core Facebook page to get regular updates on the project.



From the start, Critical Core has been developed with input from adult advocates, kids on the spectrum, their parents and occupational therapists.

If you or someone you know is an adult on the spectrum and would like to join our advocacy group, please email and tell us about your interest and experience with RPGs and Critical Core.


Kickstarter Update

Here’s a sneak peek of our in-progress box artwork.

Sneak peek of in-progress box artwork. Subject to change!


Once again, you have made all the difference in bringing Critical Core to life, thank you!

The Critical Core Team

Copyright ©2019 Game to Grow

PRESS RELEASE – Awaken: The Liborian Saga – Logos, Cover, and Artwork

Studio 2 Publishing Inc. and The Games Collective celebrate 2019 announcing a new project for Awaken, the dark fantasy role-playing game published in 2016 through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

All the fans will be happy to know that on January 22nd a new crowdfunding campaing will start with the aim to fund a new expansion book for Awaken, The Liborian Saga, in which players can finally discover more about one of the most mysterious and fascinating part of Salvora, the islands of Liboria, with a detailed lore description of the cities and new contents for their adventures like new antagonists and monsters, new Gifts, Weapons and Items, and expanded rules.

More details about the book and the Kickstarter rewards will be announced soon.

About Awaken. Developed by the croatian team The Games Collective, Awaken is a dark fantasy role-playing game that takes place in a war-ravaged world, heavily influenced by Slavic and Mediterranean folklore. The Alliance of the Great Cities is slowly fading out, and the Vargans, monstrous creatures who once caused a war that nearly devastated the continent, still hide in the shadows of the underground, ready to come out. The only hope for the people of Salvora are the Vasalli, powerful humans gifted with abilities capable of changing the course of history: will they bear the burden of being the protectors of humanity, or will they allow themselves to be corrupted by power and succumb to the darkness that delves in every heart?

About The Games Collective. The team was founded by Marko Matijević Sekul and Zoltan Lečei, two avid readers, lifelong game enthusiasts, and storytelling fanatics that want to share their vision and experience with every reader, player, and explorer out there.

About Studio 2 Publishing Inc.. Thanks to their extensive production and distribution experience, Studio 2 published many games from different companies, including Pinnacle Entertainment, Exile Game Studio, Crafty Games, Engine Publishing, Hunters Books, Paradigm Concepts, TerrorBull Games, Reality Blurs, Third Eye Games, Alderac Entertainment, Dwarven Forge, Calliope Games, and Kuznia Gier.

More info about Awaken:

PRESS RELEASE – Get Your Gen Con 2019 Badges Now, and Check Out New Shows on Gen Con TV This Week

Gen Con Returns to Indianapolis
August 1-4, 2019!

Badge Registration Now Open

Badges for Gen Con 2019 are now available! Head over to to create your account if you’re joining us for the first time, or to update your information if you’re a Gen Con veteran. Information about badge pricing and other details can be found here.

Skip the lines! Select USPS Priority Mail during check out to have your items mailed to you. Already bought your badge but forgot shipping? Never fear! You can update this setting on your My Profile page until June 16th.

If you have any questions or run into any trouble,  first check out the Account Information page, and if you still have questions, shoot us an email at and we’ll get you sorted!

Buy your badge today and secure your spot at The Best Four Days in Gaming! 
Check Out Gen Con TV This Week

Just bought your badge and can’t wait for Gen Con? We can’t either! Four days of gaming and fun just wasn’t enough for us, so we’re bringing a little bit of Gen Con to you throughout the year on Gen Con TV! Below, you’ll find two new shows we’re launching this week that we think you’ll love.

TableTakes Presented by Gen Con
TableTakes is a weekly tabletop news show, streamed live from our studio! Gather ’round the table with our hosts to catch up on the news and geek out with us about all the latest in the world of tabletop gaming! Catch the show weekly on Fridays at 11 am (Pacific) / 2 pm (Eastern) on and the recording later that day on our YouTube channel.
Game Night with The Brothers Murph
You know them, you love them, or if not, you’re certainly about to. The Brothers Murph live up to their name in that they’re actually brothers, and on top of that, they make you feel like you’re part of the family. We’ve partnered with them to bring you a great variety gaming show filled with laughter, fun, and giveaways! You’ll find them playing the latest in new releases, and some good ol’ favorites. Tune in every other Monday starting next Monday, January 14 at 5 pm (Pacific) / 8 pm (Eastern) on Stream Schedule:
Mondays (bi-weekly) 5 pm (Pac) / 8 pm (Est): Game Night with The Brothers Murph
Tuesdays 4 pm (Pac) / 7 pm (Est): Welcome to the Table – Magic: The Gathering Arena with Kristen
Fridays 11 am (Pac) / 2 pm (Est): TableTakes Presented by Gen Con

We will continue to bring you even more content throughout the year, so follow Gen Con TV on Twitch to get notified of when we’re live!

New Badge Wallet from OffWorld
Give your badge a good home with one of these fantastic badge wallets on sale now at the Gen Con Store from OffWorld Designs! Keep your badge out and easily recognized by our Indiana Convention Center staff and store a few small, but important items in these handy badge wallets.Order yours today!

PRESS RELEASE – Awaken, The Liborian Saga Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Studio 2 Publishing Inc. and The Games Collective celebrate 2019 announcing a new project for Awaken, the dark fantasy role-playing game published in 2016 through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

All the fans will be happy to know that later this month a new crowdfunding campaign will start with the aim to fund a new expansion book for Awaken, The Liborian Saga, in which players can finally discover more about one of the most mysterious and fascinating part of Salvora, the islands of Liboria, with a detailed lore description of the cities and new contents for their adventures like new antagonists and monsters, new Gifts, Weapons and Items, and expanded rules.

More details about the book and the Kickstarter rewards will be announced soon.

About Awaken. Developed by the croatian team The Games Collective, Awaken is a dark fantasy role-playing game that takes place in a war-ravaged world, heavily influenced by Slavic and Mediterranean folklore. The Alliance of the Great Cities is slowly fading out, and the Vargans, monstrous creatures who once caused a war that nearly devastated the continent, still hide in the shadows of the underground, ready to come out. The only hope for the people of Salvora are the Vasalli, powerful humans gifted with abilities capable of changing the course of history: will they bear the burden of being the protectors of humanity, or will they allow themselves to be corrupted by power and succumb to the darkness that delves in every heart?

About The Games Collective. The team was founded by Marko Matijević Sekul and Zoltan Lečei, two avid readers, lifelong game enthusiasts, and storytelling fanatics that want to share their vision and experience with every reader, player, and explorer out there.

About Studio 2 Publishing Inc. Thanks to their extensive production and distribution experience, Studio 2 published many games from different companies, including Pinnacle Entertainment, Exile Game Studio, Crafty Games, Engine Publishing, Hunters Books, Paradigm Concepts, TerrorBull Games, Reality Blurs, Third Eye Games, Alderac Entertainment, Dwarven Forge, Calliope Games, and Kuznia Gier.

More info about Awaken:

PRESS RELEASE – The Book of Many Things Campaign Bundle through 12/31/18

500 pages of content for sale and a small gift.

The 2018 Campaign Bundle.

Earlier this year, we hosted our successful Kickstarter for The Book of Many Things. Since then, we have continued the campaign, raising additional funds to help make each volume better and bring them to print.

Now, as the year comes to a close, so too does the campaign. This is your last opportunity to pick up the bundle for only $30.00 USD. On January 1, 2019, the campaign bundle ends, and the exclusive content included will be made unavailable.

Start Shopping

The Book of Many Things Volume 2

Join your fellow gamers in playing characters reminiscent of popular videogame characters. From sword, bow, and bomb-wielding heroes, to space bounty hunters and priests who balance the light with the darkness, this 200 page volume contains many such options and more.

The Book of Many Things Volume 1

Come one, come all as we explore this 200 page volume containing requests from around the internet. Break the sound barrier as an accelerist. Vex enemies as 1 of 26 different races. You could even become a skiprock champion! Feats, spells, archetypes, and more await you within.
Thank you for a great 2018 from our team at Samurai Sheepdog. To show our appreciation, a festive preview of something we have upcoming for April 2019.
Copyright © 2018 Open Gaming, LLC, All rights reserved.

PRESS RELEASE – Purchase Your JordanCon Membership Before January Price Increases!

Welcome to The Source!

With holiday season truly underway, we know things are probably getting pretty crazy for everyone. With that in mind, we appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to catch up with all things JordanCon! We hope you all have a fantastic holiday, and we can’t wait to see you all at JordanCon 2019! After all, despite all the great things going on, we still find ourselves asking, “Is it April yet?”

Membership Price Increase!

Don’t forget membership prices go up again on January 1st! Let’s be honest. You want to go to the con, and you need a membership to do that. So why not go ahead and buy it now before it gets more expensive? If money is tight, don’t forget that memberships can be gifted. Who wouldn’t want to get a JordanCon membership for Christmas? Whether you ask for it from one of your loved ones or you splurge and make it a gift to yourself, be sure to have your membership before the end of the year! And while you’re in the gifting spirit, pick up one for a friend or family member and bring them along!

Accessibility at JordanCon

Did you know that we offer special accommodations and services for those who need a little extra help attending and enjoying the con to its fullest? As we approach next year’s convention, we’re going to shine a spotlight on some of the services we already offer to our attendees and guests who need special accommodations, but we’re also announce some new things we’re going to be doing at JordanCon 2019 to make our convention even more accessible. Keep an eye on our FacebookTwitter, and website for more information in the coming weeks! Also, if you’re considering attending JordanCon 2019 but have some questions or requests for accommodations, please reach out to us at We would love to hear from you and help you in any way we can!

Overflow Hotel Information

The overflow hotel information was released last month on Facebook, so be sure to book your room before the block is full. Our overflow hotel this year will be the Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott, and the room block will run from Thursday through Sunday. While the link technically works until April 12, 2019, the rooms are only available with the discount until the block is full. Discounted, rooms with King beds will be $109.00 per night and rooms with two queen beds will be $129.00, so don’t miss your opportunity to get these rooms at the lower price! (Remember that you can still book a room at the host hotel. You just won’t be able to get the discounted rate.)

UPDATED PRESS RELEASE – Modiphius Embraces World of Darkness – Announces The Fall of London V5 Chronicle

Update: White Wolf shares their perspective of this press release and how they envision their role within the World of Darkness to come. Read it here –

Vampire Modiphius Partnership


Modiphius Embraces World of Darkness

Announces The Fall of London V5 Chronicle

Modiphius Entertainment has signed a publishing deal with Paradox Interactive to manage the tabletop roleplaying brand Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition
“We are thrilled to become the official stewards of this incredible roleplaying game,” said Chris Birch, President and CEO of Modiphius. “And we look forward to developing and publishing the official Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition (V5) tabletop roleplaying game under license from Paradox. We’re committed to providing fans with a truly exceptional range of new products to help them enjoy this rich, exciting world.”
Modiphius has already earned recognition for its hugely successful pre-order and distribution of Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition following its 2017 distribution deal with White Wolf Entertainment. After discussions with Paradox, Modiphius has agreed to oversee all publishing and licensing for V5 tabletop roleplaying games.
Modiphius will be responsible for guiding the plot development running throughout V5 tabletop roleplaying products and ensuring each product is fully approved by both the White Wolf brand team within Paradox, and also with Modiphius own team of V5 experts.
Modiphius is committed to delivering a truly exceptional range for V5 that maintains the high standard of editing, production, and development seen in their other lines. Working with existing White Wolf partners Onyx Path Publishing, Elderwood Academy, Dogmight Games, Nosolorol, Arkhane Asylum, Need for Games, Studio 101, By Night Studios, and many more to be announced soon, the team will continue to expand on the diverse product range as well as available languages. Modiphius will work with all partners to ensure major releases are also available at retail.
The White Wolf brand team have completed re-editing the Anarch and Camarilla supplements to go to production early January, with pre-orders shipping in late January for web orders and early March for retail.
Modiphius plans to produce a host of exciting new releases to expand the range for new and old players alike including:
The Fall of London V5 Chronicle (Summer 2019) – London is burning. As the Second Inquisition put the city’s Kindred to the torch, your characters wake from torpor. The sensible thing would be to flee now, but before you can leave the capital, you have one last job to do… This campaign is perfect to bring your Vampire players up to speed on the plot developments in Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition or as as a gateway for new players.
V5 Players Guide  (Summer 2019) – A guide to playing different styles of Vampire: The Masquerade to help you play the way YOU want to play, from gritty street level drama to romantic blood opera, complete with advice, new rules, and guidance on using the 5th Edition system to play previous editions of Vampire..
V5 Starter Set (Christmas 2019) – An introductory starter set containing rules to play a self-contained campaign, with premade characters, handouts, maps, tokens and dice.
The Second Inquisition (Summer 2020) – Discover the plans, strategies, resources, and technologies of the highly secret organisations charged with investigating and eliminating the vampire threat, including Firstlight and the Society of St. Leopold.. This supplement for V5 will give Storytellers everything they need to know about these feared and fearless organisations to provide all manner of covert opposition for your Chronicle, along with advice for Storytellers who want to run chronicles featuring player characters as a well-equipped covert team of Second Inquisition operatives.
Further releases will be announced as they are agreed.
Tabletop publishers interested in working with the Vampire: The Masquerade brand should Freelance artists and writers should contact
For all other enquiries please message
For enquiries about White Wolf and Paradox Entertainment please contact
About Modiphius Entertainment
A UK- based tabletop games publisher, Modiphius Entertainment launched in 2013 with the World War Two horror themed Achtung! Cthulhu universe and went on to create licensed tabletop roleplaying, miniatures, and boardgames for Mutant Chronicles, Thunderbirds, Conan, John Carter of Mars, Infinity, Star Trek Adventures and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. For more information please visit and the V5 pre-order.
About Paradox Interactive
The Paradox Interactive group includes publishing and internal development of games and licensing of White Wolf’s brands. The publishing operation publishes both internally developed titles and titles developed by independent studios as well as music and books. The game portfolio includes more than 100 titles and Paradox Interactive owns the most important brands, including Stellaris, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings, Cities: Skylines, Magicka and Age of Wonders. From the start over ten years ago, the company has published its games all over the world, initially through physical distribution using partners, but beginning in 2006 has primarily distributed digitally using its own publishing arm. The development platform is primarily PC, but the company has released games on console and mobile platforms as well.
Paradox Interactive AB (publ)’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North Premier under ticker PDX. FNCA Sweden AB is the company’s Certified Adviser. For more information, please

Additional details can be found here – White Wolf Notice of Subscription Closure.

PRESS RELEASE – Secret Mission Con registration is open!

Atlanta D&D Adventurers League

Player registration is open! 

PRETTY PLEASE give the staff 24 hours AFTER you pay to clear you to sign up for games.

We have the 2018 D&D Open “The Gangs of Waterdeep” that’s great for new players. It’s an 8 hour game, with pregen characters, played on Saturday 2-midnight, with a 2 hour break for dinner.

The first season 8 Epic (Chaos in the City of Splendors) is on Sunday morning. It’s only for new characters as well.

There is content for new players and new characters (1st-4th level adventurers) in EVERY time slot. We love new players! If you’re new to D&D, or new to 5th Edition, sign up for ANY adventure that accepts level 1 characters and we’ll set you up with a character, dice, and DM who’s ready to help you get started.

We are running the entire “Embers of the Last War” Eberron campaign. This thrilling campaign is a peek into the steampunk-magic world of Eberron, and is a continuous adventure.

We will have Fai Chen’s Faire, a way for you to trade your magic items, unlock new ones, and maybe participate in some downtime activities.

Sign up on Warhorn – room is limited and we may run out of seats for certain games. If so, sign up to waitlist and we will try to find more DMs.

When you log in, make sure to set your time zone to whatever’s appropriate for you. It defaults to Pacific time. Slots on Sat and Sun start at 9am US Eastern time (if it’s showing you a different time, fix your time zone.)

More D&D in Atlanta

And a lot of other games

If you’re looking for more games in the Atlanta area, here’s how you can find more D&D (and other games!)

1. Go to the Meetup groups for the major game stores – GigaBytes MariettaHeroic Gaming RoswellTitans Smyrna, and Wasteland Games Duluth. You can find D&D several nights a week. You’ll have to wade through some other events on the calendar, but D&D is there, I promise you.

2. The ATL D&D group runs homebrew games in bars downtown. Check out what’s going on in their calendar.

3. Consider going to the In Town Game Day. It’s the first Saturday of the month. Lots of games – including D&D. First Saturday of the month at 10 am at Manuel’s Tavern. Great way to meet more gamers in the ATL. This is NOT a “D&D only” event. Generally there are one or two tables of D&D and several tables of other games. It’s a great way to share a game you love with other people.

4. Ask around in the Atlanta D&D FB group. This group is specifically for local D&D Adventurer’s League games.

5. Ask on the Atlanta gaming reddit. This reddit covers all kinds of games all over Atlanta.

6.  Come to one of our local conventions and game days. They’ll be listed in this newsletter. If you’re not already subscribed – click subscribe in the upper left hand corner to stay in touch!

What is D&D Adventurer’s League? It’s a shared public D&D campaign that anyone can join! There are “common sense” campaign guidelines that detail how to build character, earn treasure, and advance your characters. In addition to the hardback adventures from D&D, you can play your “AL” character in specific AL adventures from the DMs Guild.

Find out more here:

Download the campaign guidelines here:

Don’t forget to keep up with all the newest events and news about D&D (and other games) in the Atlanta Metro Area on Facebook here!
Reddit has some subreddits for games in the Atlanta area and D&D AL. Here are some you might be interested in.
Do you wanna play D&D?  Join the meetup groups for Atlanta D&D: Atlanta Gamers GuildHeroic RoswellTitan Smyrna, and Duluth D&DAL
Twitter is a great way to stay connected to everything D&D.
@AtlantaDDAL – Atlanta D&D Adventurers League
@Wizards_DnD – Official D&D Twitter Account
@DnD_AdvLeague – Official D&D AL Twitter Account

UPDATED PRESS RELEASE – White Wolf Notice of Subscription Closure

EDITOR’S NOTE: With the closing of the website, there is a question as to how PDF copies that came with the print editions of Vampire: The Masquerade 5e will be redeemed in the future. More information to come.

UPDATED: Modiphius has stepped up to lead the Vampire: The Masquerade 5e brand. Read their press release here:

White Wolf Partner News

Dear White Wolf Customer,

Thank you for being a subscriber to the White Wolf online book reader service. It has been a great privilege to share with you so many of the books that are part of the rich World of Darkness history!

We regret to inform you that, due to internal changes at White Wolf, the subscription service will be terminated on Thursday, 20 December, along with the website. After 20 December you will no longer be able to access the service, and you will receive a full refund for any fees you have paid for as follows:

Example with Annual Subscription: if you paid for an annual subscription and have used only 5 months of the service, you will receive a full refund for the unused 7 months.

Example with Monthly Subscription: if you paid for a monthly subscription you will receive a full refund for this month.

Refunds will be issued in the first quarter of 2019.

Why is this happening?

On 16 November, White Wolf announced that it is starting a period of restructuring. It will be integrated directly into Paradox Interactive, and under temporary management during this process. We are recruiting new leadership to guide White Wolf both creatively and commercially into the future, a process that has been ongoing since September.

Going forward, White Wolf will focus on brand management. This means White Wolf will develop the guiding principles for its vision of the World of Darkness, and give licensees the tools they need to create new, excellent products in this story world. White Wolf will no longer develop and publish these products internally. This has always been the intended goal for White Wolf as a company, and it is now time to enact it.

Closing the online book subscriptions and is part of this restructuring and refocusing process. We deeply regret this inconvenience to you, and the very short notice.

If you have any questions or comments about this, we welcome them at

Thank you and Best Regards,

White Wolf

PRESS RELEASE – P.B. Publishing – 2018 EOY Review

It’s been a whirlwind year here at P.B. Publishing, with Kickstarters, Patreons, DMsGuild hits, a heap of community projects, and some awesome collaborations.

Here is a release rundown of the year that was in 2018:

Feb 2018

We started off 2018 in February with a bang releasing two great collaboration products! The desert adventure “Tremors in the Sand” was a collaboration project with Loot the Room, and was written by Roland Morgen. We also provided two adventures, “Struggle in Three Horn Valley” & “The Haunt” into the massive DMsGuild bundle: A Fistfull of Coppers which also featured works by other talented authors on the DMsGuild.

 Tremors in the Sand: Enter the desert ridden yuan-ti temple to discover an evil plot for power in this adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game!

 A Fistfull of Coppers: In this veritable bag of holding for best-sellers, you’ll find a huge variety of content in more than two dozen different products, ranging from powerful magic items to incredibly useful DM aids to unique player options to exciting adventures.

May 2018

May saw the release of the first hardcover book to ever hit the DMsGuild – Monsters of the Guild. It set a new standard for both collaboration (46 different writers) and for Print on Demand across the DMsGuild community, and we were a huge part of it having designed and built the Layout for the book and also contributing a few monsters too!

 Monsters of the Guild: A DMs Guild community driven project which includes 100+ incredible monsters for your Dungeons & Dragons 5e game, from 40+ of the Guild’s most talented and exciting monster creators.

July 2018

In July we released Scourge of the Medusa Curse, and adventure that was written way back in early 2017, but finally made its appearance a year later.

 Scourge of the Medusa Curse: Delve the dungeon, save the Mamba, and end the Mason family curse in this adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Oct 2018

October was a fantastic month for our releases, having first released the finale of the Minotaur Trilogy – Minotaur’s Bane, then a few weeks later, to much anticipation, releasing The Haunt 2 to both financial and critical success. The Haunt 2 was a fantastic collaboration with Aegis Studios’ Travis Legge, and the sequel to the critically acclaimed The Haunt.

 Minotaur’s Bane: An ancient evil sweeps the land, and old enemies must unite to defeat the demon lord, and prince of beasts – Baphomet.

 The Haunt 2: Just when you thought it was safe to take a long rest. She’s Back! The terrifying SEQUEL to the PLATINUM bestselling, and Dragon+ Magazine featured horror adventure: The Haunt.

Nov 2018

November finally saw the release of The Minotaur Trilogy, a 3-piece adventure path that started as a simple one-shot way back in mid-2017, and ended in an abyssal fight to save the Material Plane over 18 months later. Soon after came a collaboration with DMs Guild Adept – Ashley Warren, called Dinos of Darkness, which was the followup adventure to Struggle in Three Horn Valley in the Dino-Wars series.

 The Minotaur Trilogy: Mazes, challenges of honor and courage, demons, demiplanes, wizards, an entire orc civilization & stronghold, fun encounters, great maps, viscious enemies and honorable allies. 3 x bestselling adventures, 20% off as a bundle, 40+ hrs of game play, 120 Pages of D&D5e Fun!

 Dinos of Darkness: Survive the jungle, ride dinosaurs into battle against evil dino-riding pirate, & save the three tribes of the Island of Selu from volcanic disaster!

Along with the product releases above, we also released several free maps, for which we plan to keep producing far into the future!


WOW! What a year!

Thanks for everything in 2018 and we will see you again in 2019!

Have a safe holidays!

Adventure On!

Phil Beckwith
P.B. Publishing

PRESS RELEASE – 2019 Origins Show Co-Sponsor Announcement

White Wizard Games 2019 Origins Show Co-Sponsor
We’re thrilled to announce White Wizard Games will be joining us at Origins 2019 as a show co-sponsor!
White Wizard Games has been a part of Origins for many years. We can’t wait to partner with them again to bring you another awesome show experience!

“I’m super excited to be sponsoring Origins at the highest level,” said Robert Dougherty, CEO of White Wizard Games. “It feels great to be giving back to the show that has given us so much over the years.”

Read More
Amazing Giveaways from our Show Co-Sponsor
Want to play an epic card game? As co-sponsor of Origins, White Wizard Games will be giving out a free copy of Epic Card Game to every attendee that stops by their booth. Get your copy and play sealed, draft, or constructed deck game play for up to 4 players. (While supplies last)
That’s not all! White Wizard Games will also be giving away some serious cash prizes! Players will compete to win their share of $20,000 at Star Realms Origins $10K Championship and the Epic Card Game Origins $10K Championship.
For all you Hero Realms fans, there will be a Legend Series where the winner will become a card in the game!

Hero Realms won Fan Favorite Card Game at the 2018 Origins Awards

Don’t Wait! Register Your Badge Today!
Register your badge early—save money and time for the show! When you register your badge early, you pay the discounted Early Bird price and get to skip the on-site registration line when you pick your badge up at the show!

Why wait? Register today and get ready for an epic Origins experience, June12-16, 2019!

Register Today
Event Submission is Open
Interested in running some of your favorite games at Origins? Submit your events and become a Game Master! Game Masters are an integral part of providing the Origins attendee with a positive experience. Submit your event now through March 1, 2019.  
Submit My Events
Hotels Added to Hotel Block

Four hotels have been added to the Origins Hotel Block list:

  • Hampton in Columbus University Area 
  • Staybridge Suites Columbus University Area 
  • Holiday Inn Express University Area 
  • Holiday Inn Express Columbus Airport East
Origins Hotel Block List
Submit Your Film to the Origins Film Festival
Submit your film to the Origins Film Festival! For the past three years, the Origins Film Festival has showcased unique independent films related to gaming, fantasy, and sci-fi. Your film could be showcased next! Early deadline for submissions is December 31, 2018.
Origins Film Festival
Become an Origins Volunteer

We’re working on bringing legendary heroes to Origins! Help bring the epic story to life and sign up to become a volunteer! Early signup means a better chance of getting the location and hours you want. You will receive an email confirmation once your information has been processed.

Become an Origins Volunteer!
This Year’s Theme Is Mythical
Your imagination will come to life at Origins 2019! Epic adventures, daring quests, legendary tales and more await you in Columbus, OH, June 12-16, 2019!


Invite your friends to subscribe to our mailing list:

PRESS RELEASE – Symbaroum: Yndaros – The Darkest Star expansion Released Today

Free League Publishing

​Symbaroum: Yndaros – The Darkest Star expansion Released Today

Free League Publishing – Dec 14, 2018 11:06 GMT

The shimmering virgin white snow that had fallen during the night lay like a covering blanket over Yndaros’ filth, but he knew what hid underneath. Neither the snow nor all who toiled at scrubbing and decorating the streets in honor of the Duchess’ wedding could erase the true rot, no more than they could wash away the shadows…

Rejoice, today the Symbaroum-expansion Yndaros –The Darkest Star created by Free League Publishing has released. Welcome to Yndaros, the aching heart of the realm, and the stage where episode three in the campaign Chronicle of the Throne of Thrones plays out.

Symbaroum: Yndaros –The Darkest Star presents an epic adventure where the players’ wits, as well as the characters’ abilities, will be pitted against truly daunting challenges. The tabletop roleplaying book features resources for both the players and the Game Masters, describing a brand new setting and introducing new rules.

Watch the Symbaroum: Yndaros the Darkest Star trailer here:

Read about Symbaroum: Yndaros the Darkest Star expansion here:

Symbaroum: Yndaros the Darkest Star trailer


  • THE DARKEST STAR ADVENTURE – The adventure The Darkest Star, taking place during a fateful period in the history of the realm.
  • YNDAROS – An extended account of Yndaros’ history, activities, factions and conflicts, meant to be read by both players and Game Masters.
  • NEW ESTABLISHMENTS – Twenty-five unique establishments where player characters may rest, eat, drink, gather information or seek an audience with local dignitaries.
  • BENEATH THE SURFACE – A comprehensive chapter for the Game Master, describing what lurks beneath the city’s surface, with plenty of plot hooks to develop into adventures or entire campaigns.
  • THE NOBLE HOUSES & CEREMONIAL MAGIC – An introduction to the noble houses of Ambria, an in-depth description of Ceremonial Magic plus plenty of additional rules including new abilities, traits, artifacts, monsters and adversaries.
  • Symbaroum: Yndaros the Darkest Star trailer
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PRESS RELEASE – 2019 Charity Partners Announcement, Upper Deck Holiday Catalog, and Gen Con 2018 Videos on The Fantasy Network

Gen Con Returns to Indianapolis
August 1-4, 2019!

Announcing Charity Partners for Gen Con 2019
We are excited to announce our two awesome charity partners for Gen Con 2019, Special Olympics Indiana and Game to Grow! We love the dedication and passion each of these organizations put into their work in local and larger communities. As in years past, we will have several opportunities to raise funds at the show—morning dice rolls, the auction, Cardhalla destruction, and more! Read about each of the charities below, and check out for further information. 

Special Olympics Indiana is a non-profit organization that is a part of the global Special Olympics movement, using sport, health, education, and leadership programs every day around the world to end discrimination against and empower people with intellectual disabilities. Founded in 1969 and celebrating its 50th anniversary next year, Special Olympics Indiana has grown to more than 14,000 athletes and unified partners in virtually every county throughout the state. With the support of nearly 10,000 coaches and volunteers, Special Olympics Indiana provides year-round sports training and competition in more than 20 Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, at no cost to the participants. Learn more by visiting

Game to Grow is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2017 on the belief that games of all kinds have the power to improve people’s lives. Game to Grow’s weekly therapeutic social skills groups help young people become more confident, creative, and socially capable using tabletop games, most notably Dungeons and Dragons. The founders and lead facilitators Adam Davis and Adam Johns use their years of experience in couple and family therapy, drama therapy, and education to promote social growth among youth in a fun, safe environment. For more information, head over to
Upper Deck Holiday Catalog

Check out the 2018 Holiday Catalog from Upper Deck!
The holidays are approaching and we have a few gift ideas for you. This 2018 Holiday Catalog will help you find the perfect gift for your friends, family and even yourself. Upper Deck is known for thematic licensed games as well as original titles. Marvel fans will also love Upper Deck’s Gallery Prints and Trading Cards.
Get free shipping on orders over $35 during the holidays!

Sponsored post by The Upper Deck Company
Videos from Gen Con 2018 Available on TFN

Fantasy Network
Wish you could experience Gen Con for more than four days a year?
Catch everything that you missed on Gen Con’s new premium video channel on The Fantasy Network, featuring dozens of videos from Gen Con 2018—including live gaming with Matt Mercer, interviews with Jordan Weisman, speeches from Peter Adkison and Shanna Germain, and loads of new product demos!
Come for the year-round Gen Con experience, streaming free on iOS, Android, Roku, and Amazon apps or directly in your browser, then stick around for loads of original fantasy series and movies from the Dead Gentlemen, Arrowstorm Entertainment, Zombie Orpheus, The Forge, and many more of your favorite filmmakers.

Watch now!


REDMOND, WASHINGTON (December 12, 2018): Join Paizo at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in SeaTac, WA over Memorial Day weekend (May 24–27). Meet your favorite Paizo designers, developers, editors, artists, authors, and more for 4 days of amazing gaming, workshops, behind-the-scenes looks, and an entire ballroom filled with Pathfinder and Starfinder Society organized play tables.

PaizoCon 2019 also heralds the relaunch of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, plus its latest Adventure Path, Curse of the Crimson Throne. The Starfinder team will also have some secrets to share, and Paizo will definitely have some Pathfinder Second Edition reveals.

The Guests of Honor are Liane Merciel and Wayne Reynolds, with special guests The Glass Cannon Podcast.


  • 4-day Badges are $75.00
  • 4-day Kid Badges are $40.00
  • PaizoCon Preview Banquet Tickets are $45.00 and include an exclusive commemorative item available only to attendees at the Preview Banquet and through auctions or prizes at select charity events. 
  • Purchasing a 4-day Badge (regular) and a Preview Banquet ticket together are $110 ($10 savings)

Learn more and register at

About Liane Merciel

Liane Merciel is the author of critically acclaimed novels including The River Kings’ RoadDragon Age: Last Flight, and Pathfinder Tales: Hellknight. She has also contributed to game materials such as Paizo’s Nidal: Land of ShadowsFaiths of Golarion, and other forthcoming releases. Liane lives in Philadelphia with two unruly mutts, her husband, and an extremely funny adventure toddler.

About Wayne Reynolds

Wayne Reynolds is a freelance illustrator with over 20 years of experience contributing artwork to the publishing industry. His work has appeared in roleplaying games, collectable card games, board games, and miniature designs. He has contributed cover art and internal illustrations for comics, novels, and historical reference books. Reynolds defined the look and feel of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game’s iconic characters, setting the gold standard for all of the art to follow. His superlative work has graced the covers of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Boxand numerous volumes of Pathfinder Adventure Path, as well as the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook and every Pathfinder hardcover Paizo has produced since. Wayne continues to work with Paizo’s designers to reveal never-before-seen corners of Golarion, while his own in-depth knowledge of historic weapons, armor, and fighting styles brings the most exciting elements of the Pathfinder RPG to life.

About The Glass Cannon Network, LLC

Following the rules of the Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs, The Glass Cannon Network endeavors to create weekly captivating epic fantasy stories accessible to gamers and non-gamers alike. Interweaving immersive storytelling with irreverent, improvised humor, the GM and players deliver the experience of what it’s really like to sit around a table rolling dice with your closest friends. Professional high-quality audio, complex and memorable three-dimensional characters, instructional elements designed to enlighten both new and veteran players, and a commitment to community-building among fans all combine to make The Glass Cannon an exciting and innovative voice in podcasting.

About Paizo

Paizo Inc. is one of the world’s leading hobby game publishers. Since 2002, millions of players have joined the goblin army by playing the Pathfinder® and Starfinder® Roleplaying Games across tabletops, at conventions, at their favorite local game store, and digitally on virtual tabletops. is an online retail hobby destination for millions of gamers that carries the latest products from top hobby game publishers. Players also find accessories, like dice and maps, miniatures, T-shirts, goblin plush toys, and the newest releases, to quickly replenish those adventuring supplies for the next dungeon run.